echo comes to IIT Bombay campus

10 years ago I entered the IIT Bombay campus for the first time. I’ll be honest, the infinite orientations, infinite clubs & activities and the infinite usage of the word infinite – all left me a bit overwhelmed.

There was one single truth I chanced upon – it’s the people that matter. Friends, who will stick by you when you’re late for a class or nervous before an exam or rejected by that first boy or girl you propose to.


echo is an app for just you and the friends you like to meet. Be it going for a sport in the fabulous IITB gymkhana, a drink (juice) to the nearby Laxmi or diluted brown stuff at the beloved coffee shack, you can make and share all kinds of plans on echo.

We are a bunch of IIT alumni making echo the best experience possible with much love and care. We are also packing in a whole bunch of cool features like – auto-creating groups based on who joins the plan, seeing who is on the way without having to text or call them and a LOT more coming.

Within a week, all IIT Bombay students can use their roll numbers to unlock echo access. Very soon, echo will feature all kinds of events happening in and around campus.

So echo your plans and have fun!

get echo from the playstore

If anyone else in the world needs access, shoot us a mail at and we’re happy to give you early access. 🙂

PS: iOS app coming soon…